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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  November 5, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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he faces for killing an unad passenger. your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. we are prepared for the worst-case scenario. >> sentencing day johannes mehserle. it's a rude awakening in the bay area. the damage after a car slams into a house. good morning, it is friday, november 5. i'm good good. >> i'm sydnie kohara. team of is 6:00. let's get you out the door now with a quick look at traffic and weather. >> no problems and the roadwork is picked up. 89 only issue is visibilities problem across the golden gate bridge. nothing is an issue through the waldo grade. but no delay and light traffic across the span. bay bridge, no metering lights, no delay. we'll have much more on your morning commute coming up. in the meantime, let's get an
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update on your forecast. here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. change is ahead. today we are cooling down a bit and through the course of the weekend even cooler temperatures and a chance of rainfall moving in for sunday. we'll have a dip in temperatures. more coming up. by noon today, we should know how long johannes mehserle will spend in prison for killing oscar grant. this morning, oakland is getting ready. let's go to anne makovec in oakland with how businesses trashed last time are taking no chances this time. anne, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. one of the hardest hit this summer during the riots was this foot locker here behind me. the windows were broken. a lot of shoes were stolen. this store is not going to even open today because of the sentencing of johannes mehserle. a little backgrounder here for ya. the former bart police officer was convicted of involuntary
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manslaughter this summer for the fatal shooting of bart passenger oscar grant new year's day 2009. mehserle maintains meant to use his taser on grant and accidentally used his gun. now, riots erupted in this area all over downtown oakland after grant was killed. and more riots this past summer after mehserle was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter instead of murder. so yesterday, businesses started boarding up in the hopes of protecting their property from vandals and looters. but they are hoping for the best. >> tension you could feel in the air... [ signal breakup ] >> i just kind of think everybody is going to kind of go --i'm not getting the feeling that it's going to -- >> reporter: sorry, technical difficulties there with that. the business owner basically saying he doesn't feel the same violence in the air that he felt this summer before the riots. we hope he is right. the police chief says the city is not planning on boarding up any of its windows nor asking employees to leave
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early from work, which is what they did this past summer. this foot locker store trashed, shoes stolen, a lot of the damage being blamed on out of town opportunists looking for an arky. we'll have the latest on cbs 5. we'll hear from a legal expert at 6:30 on what he thinks should happen. >> thank you. we have a developing story in the east bay where firefighters are sifting through the wreckage of a house fire. this was the scene on lone tree way just before 12:30 this morning. everyone made it out safely except the family dog which died in the fire. no other homes were damaged. firefighters don't know a cause. two people in custody after a car plowed into a house in
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oakland this morning. the car hit the garage of a home on capistrano drive at 2 a.m. no one was injured. police are calling this a hit- and-run case. they are still trying to determine if the two people they have detained are connected in any way to the crash. the first leg of california's high-speed rail system will be built in the central valley. mark sayre joins us from the diridon train station in downtown san jose to explain the project and why it won't begin in the bay area. good morning. i'm all choked up over it. >> reporter: hope you get over that, juliette. that, this decision being prompted by the federal government which wants nearly all of its stimulus money investment in the project to go to the san joaquin valley. now, here's what was decided at a meeting yesterday in sacramento. the first phase of that project would be either a 50-mile segment linking fresno and merced or a 100-mile segment linking fresno and bakersfield. the federal railroad administration says that --it tells the "los angeles times" that there are several reasons for the decision. first it would help the unemployment picture in the san joaquin valley. construction costs are lower in those segments. and there's also more political support.
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the peninsula assemblyman jerry hill says he sees it as yet another setback for the project. >> the project has been plagued almost weekly with one new troubling disclosure or revelation after another. and all this is doing is undermining the already tarnished public opinion of the project to this point. >> reporter: as envisioned, the high-speed rail would link san francisco with los angeles and anaheim. it would eventually extend to sacramento and san diego, as well. the high-speed train would travel 220 miles an hour during the high speed portions of the journey. the cost, though, $43 billion. of course, most of that money has yet to be found but the first phase of this project now slated for the central valley. that's the story from san jose. back to you. >> thank you. mark sayre in san jose. let's get another check of weather and traffic. elizabeth, how's the commute looking this morning. we have chopper 5 up now and they are live over the bay
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bridge toll plaza whereby this time yesterday morning, the metering lights were already on. we had an accident at the top of the incline, traffic backed up really quickly. not the case this morning. overall, our commute is just a lot better today than we saw yesterday. friday light, no metering lights, and really no big delays all across the upper deck. you can see the traffic is even moving fine up the incline. typically they turn on the metering lights around 6:20 or so. so you want to beat the rush. go now, traffic is moving fine into san francisco. to the maps now, our other hotspot yesterday was the south bay. we had just one accident after another. it all started with an overturned big rig on 101 right by the 880 interchange. big problems after that but for right now we are seeing top speeds and it still looks great out of downtown san jose. that's your traffic. here's tracy with your forecast. hey, thanks, elizabeth. friday morning headed into the weekend, and today things are cooling down. here's a look at what you can expect as you head out the door. fog out there, patchy fog from the coast around the bay and
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also inland. partly cloudy conditions in addition to that. and temperatures for the morning in the mid-50s to just near 60 degrees. speaking of temperatures, they are cooling down. yesterday, well into the 80s. today the upper 70s in our warmest spots. also not as warm around the bay as well as for the coastline. and temperatures ranging from the lower 60s to the upper 70s. we're cooling down today, we cool down even more on saturday. and we also will introduce a chance of rainfall into the forecast. i have your somewhat rainy weekend forecast coming up. back to you. >> somewhat rainy? okay. they float but will they count? dozens of ballots floating in a pond. the arrest just made and what's still missing. hey, ellen, what are you doing? just brewing up some dunkin' donuts coffee -- want some? [ whoosh! ] i'd love some. one taste, and you'll understand. delicious dunkin' donuts coffee.
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this one actually does it. [ female announcer ] gold bond ultimate healing lotion. nothing feels like it, smells like it, heals like it. gold bond. this stuff really works. that a san francisco polling lace were inspector accused of stealing dozens of ballots will be facing felony charges in court today. about 75 ballots were found floating in a pond near the palace of fine arts yesterday along with a list of voters. carl bradfield nicholas was in charge of a polling place in the excelsior district tuesday. city election officials say it's not clear, though, what will happen to those votes.
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>> even though they are all wet, they're all waterlogged right now, i don't know if this ink where the people marked the ballots is smeared, if it's legible. since the chain of custody is broken, it's unclear if we can even consider including those cards in the count for this election. >> an electronic data device remains missing. it's still not clear what the motive may have been. upbeat news on the job front. the nation's unemployment rate stayed at 9.6% last month. the government is reporting this morning that the economy added 151,000 jobs in october. that is the most since may and more than economists expected. the education and healthcare sectors led the way in job creation. later this morning, president obama will talk about the jobs report at the white house. in an exclusive interview with "60 minutes," he said he was
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disappointed with the midterm election results. >> i take personal responsibility for that. and it's something that i've got to examine carefully as i go forward. >> you can catch more of that interview on "the early show" starting at 7:00 this morning. well, the space shuttle discovery might have to wait until next month for its final launch. nasa pulled the plug on the attempt because of a fuel leak. if the sunday launch falls through nasa will wait until december. weather not a factor in this case because it's beautiful there today. some technical delays. 6:12. you not giants are the world series champs -- you know the giants are the world series champs which means we won the friendly bet against dallas. in a few minutes, hear them sing. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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your savings will be earning three times the national average. now, let's review. capital one interestplus savings... at three times more. go to what's in your wallet? are you a pisces? here it is, struck him out! and for the first time since 1954, the giants are world champions! >> oh, yeah, that's a moment no giants fan will ever forget. the team's first world series title in more than 50 years. and you might remember our station made a friendly wager with cbs in dallas. take a look at the conversation i had with ktvt anchor scott sames. >> let's do this.
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i have an idea. if the giants win we'll sing i left my heart in san francisco. >> will you wear a brian wilson beard, too? >> i will. i'll wear a beard. now, when the rangers win... then you're going to have to sing deep in the heart of texas including the clap, clap, clap part of it, which is right in the middle of it, and you guys will have to wear a beard. >> okay... here we go, clap, clap, clap! >> scott sames joins us live. scott, good morning. >> good morning, ladies. good morning, sydnie, juliette. >> it was a great week, wasn't it, in baseball. >> it was a great week in baseball. and the giants have every reason to be excited. >> now, we understand that maybe you had to make good on this -- we are just wondering where the beard is? maybe a little singing? >> you got some friends to help
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you? >> i do. i have some and we have some video to show you. ♪ i left my heart... [ laughter ] >> ... in san francisco ♪ ♪ high on a hill... ♪ it calls to me... ♪ to be where little cable cars... ♪ >> you had to do that, huh? put on the hat. [ laughter ] >> those beards are very become, aren't they? >> very good. all right. you guys made good. >> yeah. thanks so much for being such of a good sport. >> thank you.
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>> you bet. and congratulations, once again, congratulations! [ laughter ] >> we'll see you next year. okay? >> okay. you bet. it's a date. >> we'll get our cowboy hats ready just in case -- not! >> i'm still laughing with the clap, clap, clap in between the songs. >> thanks to lisa and teresa for helping you out. >> deep in the heart of texas! ♪ >> scott sames of ktvt in dallas, take care. >> always next year. yeah not. >> when the rangers win. i'm going to keep that just in case. elizabeth has our traffic report. i think they should just stick to their day jobs. >> i thought they looked good. those women were hotties in texas. they were into it. >> it was the beards. >> maybe that's it. yeah. all right. let's go out to chopper 5 still over the bay bridge. no metering lights. we just checked. you know, it is friday light out there. there are no big accidents, no big hot spots and no big delays
6:19 am
at the bay bridge toll plaza. typically they turn the metering lights on around 6:20 so here any minute now they could be turning them on and we could start to see the backups but for now, traffic is flowing just great into san francisco. different story in san rafael later on today. this should improve the commute. they are opening a new connector ramp from westbound 580 to northbound 101. they are supposed to be re- opening it sometime around midafternoon. it's going to have two lanes, two ramps, hopefully this will help ease what is just a chronic bottleneck through the area. here's live look at the westbound 580 to northbound 101 connector right now. they are going to be out there with crews this morning doing some temporary striping and then this afternoon is when they are going to get it open to commuters. let's go back out to the bay bridge. we can show you some of the approaches to the bay bridge. like i said, the metering lights haven't been turned on and really no big problems down the eastshore freeway. westbound 24 looks good. if you are using the nimitz freeway, no big issues. just minor slowing as you can
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see from our toll plaza shot in a couple of the cash lanes. elsewhere westbound 580 out of the altamont pass, a little lighter than typical for time of the morning as far as our drive time goes. 15 minutes now to take you towards the dublin interchange. and to see our usual slow traffic. red sensors there through antioch. >> speaking of friday, it is the weekend almost and let's check in with it. it's almost the weekend for us. friday morning it's the weekend. something about friday. >> out the door easy partly cloudy conditions but we have some patchy fog along the coast around the bay and also inland. check out those temperatures, mid-50s to near 60 degrees. for this afternoon, temperatures are cooling down. today's highs in the upper 70s inland. lower 70s around the bay and
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the upper 60s on the coast. a mix of sun and clouds is expected but we no longer have a chance of rainfall in today's forecast. we do have changes ahead for tomorrow, saturday, more clouds expected, temperatures cooler than today. sunday we cool down more and that will be the best chance of rainfall for the second day of the weekend. today's highs upper 70s in san jose. mid-70s in sunnyvale. lower 60s in pacifica. east bay location, berkeley 68. oakland hit 81 yesterday a new record high. today 71. 75 in dublin and antioch and brentwood. north bay location, 73 sonoma, 68 novato, 72 petaluma and santa rosa. 69 in san rafael, 70 kentfield, 65 in sausalito and 68 degrees in san francisco. we are cooling down today. we cool down even more tomorrow
6:22 am
with more clouds expected. best chance of showers moving into the bay area will be sunday, could see close to an inch in the north bay, more than 1.5" in north bay mountains and we can also pick up close to half inch in the san francisco bay area. monday a mix of sun and clouds as well as tuesday, wednesday and thursday. if you like to hula, your festival is coming up this saturday! it's the hula festival in alameda county in pleasanton. partly cloudy conditions and temperatures in the mid-70s. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. >> thank you. the president is about to talk jobs. we'll bring you his speech live, stay with us. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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6:25. we are waiting for president obama to speak on the economy at the white house. so just should start moments from now. but again, this is in the white house as we wait and he will talk about the economy and the numbers, unemployment, while it remains at 9.6%, we had good news about hiring. >> that's true although dismal outlook on the jobs front. we were getting october jobs report expected to show hiring remains weak and unemployment high. so we are going to hear what the president has to say. we'll take his comments live probably in the next few minutes. in the meantime it's that time year again, no way home. dave price of "the early show" must make it coast to coast in
6:26 am
8 days. and i chatted with him yesterday. he says the upcoming trip is no easy task. >> we start out with nothing but the $50, the cell phone, a netbook and some photo gear and that's it. and so if i don't communicate with our viewers and i don't get these offers, i can't get home. >> if you want dave to start in san francisco, you want to place your vote at votingendsnextwednesday. >> 6:26. areminder,turnbackyourclocks. 36%ofpeoplesaytheyaregoingtogett extrasleep.
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16%wanttoknockdownsomechores. votingforbrianwilsontohost on "saturday night live" dedicated to it has just under 10,000 fans. betty white landed the gig last spring after a similar campaign. but she had half a million fans. so we are turning to the fans to get him on "saturday night live." wouldn't that be fun? it is 6:27. we are waiting, uhm, uhm, just moments from now, uhm, words from president obama on the economy getting a new jobs report out this morning. so this is a look at the white house. just minutes from now, he will be speaking. we are going to go to that as soon as the president starts to talk. in the meantime, we are going to break and come back with traffic and weather in just a minute.
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and i'm sydn and good morning to you. it is friday, november 5. i'm juliette goodrich. >> i'm sydnie kohara. your time is 6:30. we are awaiting words from the president from the white house. he should go live in a few minutes but in the meantime let's go to elizabeth wenger. amtrak service has been stopped in the east bay. >> yeah. breaking situation that we are just getting details on right now that involves an amtrak train and we are hearing a pedestrian on the 600 block of cleveland avenue. very close to the 580 freeway. it was capitol corridor train number 521. reportedly, it hit a pedestrian
6:31 am
just in the last 15 minutes or so. amtrak service has been stopped in the albany area. so if you use amtrak, definitely at least expect delays. our news crews are working on getting more information. chopper 5 is heading to the scene as well so we'll have much more on this plus the rest of your morning commute coming up. back to you. >> thank you. 6:31. in just a few hours, former bart police officer johannes mehserle will learn his fate for killing ox. -- for killing oscar grant. anne makovec is in oakland, where police say they are prepared for whatever happens today. good morning to you, anne. >> reporter: that's right. and individual businesses are preparing, as well. this foot locker store here on broadway and oakland is not even going to open today after what happened this past summer. all of the windows were broken. several pairs of shoes were stolen. another business owner on the block doesn't know if he should board up or not. so businesses all around the downtown area are either boarding up or taking their chances that today could be more peaceful after the sentencing of johannes mehserle.
6:32 am
will he get probation or 14 years in prison? now, a little backgrounder here. the former bart police officer was convicted of involuntary manslaughter this summer for the fatal shooting of bart passenger oscar grant on new year's day 2009. mehserle maintains meant to use his taser on grant and accidentally used his gun. now, the jury also gave him a gun enhancement charge, which is illegal use of a gun. here's what one stanford legal expert says about that. >> i actually think it should be thrown out. i think the judge may be reluctant to do that. that doesn't make a lot of sense when applied to a police officer, who is expected to carry a gun to the scene. >> reporter: so mehserle could get from probation up to 14 years in prison. and again, this is a look at the preps. riots erupted after grant was killed and more riots this past summer after mehserle was found guilty of involuntary
6:33 am
manslaughter instead of murder. so yesterday, businesses started boarding up in the hopes of protecting their property from vandals and looters, but they and the police are hoping for the best. >> we're not getting a sense of energy or intelligence that we are going to have any of the mass crowds that we had in july. however, we're preparing for a worst-case scenario. >> reporter: there is a group that has a permit to rally at city hall between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. this afternoon. oscar grant's family is also planning to get together on what they are calling a day to honor oscar grant and that's going to be somewhere in the oakland area that's not yet been announced. they have pleaded for this? >> to keep things safe. there is an issue of a lot of people looting and rioting, we are told are out-of-towners looking for an opportunity for an arky. -- anarchy. police are now treating a death in russian hill as a homicide. a fashion buyer and publicist was found dead in a chestnut
6:34 am
street apartment last weekend. police station made the discovery while doing a welfare check. we are expected to learn more from police this morning. time now 6:33. firefighters in the east bay are trying to find out what caused a fire that left a family homeless. it happened on lone tree way in brentwood just before 12:30 this morning. everyone made it out safely except the family dog. no other homes have been damaged. a rude awakening for some people in the east bay. a car plowed into the house hitting the garage of a home. this happened on capistrano drive around 2 a.m. police are calling this a hit- and-run case. they detained two people but it's not clear if they are corrected to the crash. no one was hurt. 6:34. the next stop for the high- speed rail project will not be until the bay area. instead construction will mark sayre joins us from the diridon train station in downtown san jose to explain actually why the system's first leg won't be in the bay area. good morning, mark reporter: good morning.
6:35 am
this decision is being prompted by the federal government, which wants all of its initial stimulus money which is putting into this project directed to the san joaquin valley. now, under a plan unveiled yesterday in sacramento, the first phase of this project will either be built between fresno and merced, that's a 50- mile segment, or between fresno and bakersfield a 100-mile segment. the federal railway administration tells the "los angeles times" there are several reasons for the decision. first of all it would help boost employment in the central valley. construction costs are lower on those two segments of the project. and there is more political support for the project in the central valley. peninsula assemblyman jerry hill says he sees this as yet another setback for the overall project. >> we need to redouble our efforts and the authority needs to redouble their efforts to ensure that there is public confidence and transparency, otherwise the taxpayers will become fed up and i think stop this project in its tracks. >> reporter: now, as envisioned
6:36 am
-- >> reporter: now we are going to join president bush. >> reporter: terrible damage that was done by the worst recession in our lifetimes. today we received some encouraging news. based on today's jobs report, we have now seen private sector job growth for 10 straight months. that means that since january, the private sector has added 1.1 million jobs. let me repeat over the course of the last several months, we have seen over a million jobs added to the american economy. in october, the private sector has added 159,000 jobs. and we learned that businesses added more than 100,000 jobs in both august and september, as well. so we now have seen four months of private sector job growth above 100,000, which is the first time we have seen this kind of increase in over four years. now, that's not good enough.
6:37 am
the unemployment rate is still unacceptably high and we have a lot of work to do. this recession caused a grateful hardship and it put millions of people out of work. so in order to repair this damage, in order to create the jobs to meet the large need, we need to accelerate our economic growth so we are producing jobs at a faster pace because the fact is, an encouraging jobs report doesn't make a difference if you're still one of the millions of people who are looking for work. and i won't be satisfied until everybody who is looking for a job can find one. so we have to keep fighting for every job for every new business for every opportunity to get this economy moving. and just as we passed a small business jobs bill based on ideas of both parties in the private sector, i am open to any idea, any proposal, any way we can get the economy growing faster so that people who need
6:38 am
work can find it faster. this includes tax breaks for small businesses, like deferring taxes on new equipment so that they have an incentive to expand and hire, as well as tax cuts to make it cheaper for entrepreneurs to start companies. this includes building new infrastructure from high-speed trains to high-speed internet so our economy can run faster and smarter. it includes promoting research and innovation and creating incentives in growth sectors like the clean energy economy. and it certainly includes keeping tax rates low for middle class families and extending unemployment benefits to help those hardest hit by the downturn while generating more demand in the economy. it's also absolutely clear that one of the keys to creating jobs is to open markets to american goods made by american workers. other prosperity depends not just on -- our prosperity depends knows just on consuming things but also on being the
6:39 am
maker of things. in fact, for every $1 billion we increase in exports, thousands of jobs are supported here at home. and that's why i have set a goal of doubling america's exports over the next five years. and that's why on the trip that i'm about to take, i'm going to be talking about opening up additional markets in places like india so that american businesses can sell more products abroad in order to create more jobs at home. this is a reminder as well that the most important competition that we face in this new century will not be between democrats and republicans. it's the competition with countries around the world to lead the global economy. and our success or failure in this race will depend on whether we can come together as a names our future depends on putting politics aside to solve problems to worry about the next generation instead of the next election. we can't spend the next two
6:40 am
years mired in gridlock. other countries like china aren't standing still. so we can't standstill, either. we have to move forward. i'm confident that if we can do that, if we can work together, then this country will not only recover but it will prosper and i'm looking very much forward to helping to pry some markets open and help american businesses and put people back to work here at home during the course of this trip. thank you very much. >> any progress -- >> you have been listening to president obama about the new jobs report coming out this morning while the unemployment rate is staying the same at 9.6%. 151,000 new jobs were added so that was certainly good news. but he talked about moving forward no tax breaks for small businesses, building new infrastructure, promoting research and innovation, keeping tax rates low for the middle class and extending unemployment benefits and says the goal is to double america's
6:41 am
exports over the next five years. and the future really depends on putting politics aside. but he is really looking forward to this trip overseas to open up new markets for american goods. >> he is going to be leaving on a 10-day trip to asia and on sunday you can hear the president on "60 minutes" admitting he hasn't done enough to get voters on his side so you can hear his full interview on and also on cbs 5 "60 minutes" so watch that at 7:00 sunday night. speaking of economy, though, and a big boost, talk about the giants. that certainly brought a lot of revenue here to our area. the giants massive celebration on the streets of san francisco was a major boost for public transit. bart and caltrain shattering records for ridership on wednesday. bart had more than half a million riders and that beats the record in 2009 during the emergency closure of the bay bridge. caltrain also had its biggest turnout in history with 30,000
6:42 am
riders. 6:41. they were all out there because we had just fabulous weather this week. but it is a change in this weekend. tracy takes a look at our forecast. >> yeah, changes in the wind. we have had a beautiful workweek. so, you know, you knew at some point it couldn't last. today some minor changes. clouds expected, not as warm. yesterday san jose 85 degrees a new record high. 80 in santa rosa. 79 in concord. 78 in san francisco. we are in november. so those temperatures again are exceptionally warm. today they are cooling down a bit. upper 70s in san jose. 72 in santa rosa. 75 in concord. 68 in san francisco. here's a look at some more bay area cities. oakland also had a record high yesterday of 81. today 10 degrees cooler. 71 degrees. 75 in palo alto. 76 in santa clara. and the lower 70s from santa rosa to sonoma with 70 in kentfield. today we cool down, tomorrow
6:43 am
even cooler, saturday. a chance of rainfall sunday. we have the complete weekend forecast coming up. in the meantime, here's your traffic with elizabeth. >> all right. thank you, tracy. we're continuing to follow this breaking situation in albany involving amtrak. we are hearing that all amtrak service is stopped right now. the accident is either was involving a train -- at first we heard word that the train hit a pedestrian. now we are hearing it was a train versus a truck at the 600 block of cleveland avenue right before washington avenue. capital corridor train number 521 reportedly hit the truck on the tracks. we are hearing that ace train will pick up those passengers that were headed to san jose. as you can see from this map, the track runs parallel to 580 so if you are coming up westbound 580 you may see some activity just to the right side of the freeway. so again, the tracks are just to the right of 580. we'll continue to watch this plus the rest of your morning commute. back to you.
6:44 am
>> thank you. unemployment numbers just coming out this morning. where the most jobs were added. jason brooks with kcbs and is next. >> with election day behind us, the future of california is about to take a new direction. our political analyst phil matier breaks it down to see what our state will really be like under governor-elect jerry brown. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:47 am
good morning. breaking news in albany involving an amtrak train. we just got off the phone with alban police department. the train hit a train on the track. capitol corridor train number 521 a collision in the 600 block of cleveland avenue right before washington avenue. as you can see, it's right there by the 580 freeway. so if you are driving on 580 you may see some activity just off to the shoulder because the tracks do run parallel. metering lights are turned on around 6:20 the backups to the west grand overcrossing so 10 minutes to get on the bridge itself. friday light there. it is hi-5 time. today's hi-5 is in san francisco with the san francisco food bank. chopper 5 is a little foggy, they are also following that breaking news so we got this nice photo from the food bank. they have seen a 32% increase
6:48 am
in demand for food assistance in the last year. of course the holidays are right around the corner. and this season, the food bank is it aiming to feed thanksgiving meals to more than 35,000 families. so they really need your help and your donations. thank you so much to the san francisco food bank for being part of today's hi-5. you look great! that's your traffic. here's tracy with your forecast. hey, thanks, elizabeth. love the food bank, zabeth. volunteered down there. great bunch of people down there helping out. our forecast for today, changes ahead today cooler temperatures. tomorrow will cool down even more, with more clouds expected and take a look at the second low pressure system. that's going to cool us down even more. and also introduce a chance of rainfall into the forecast. here's a look at today's highs. lower 70s in napa and santa rosa. 71 in vallejo. 71 oakland. mid- to upper 70s from fairfield, concord and livermore, 77 degrees in san jose. and the upper 60s in san
6:49 am
francisco. 63 degrees in pacifica. here's a look at our five-day forecast. so again, take a look. tomorrow we cool down. sunday is when biggest cooldown comes in with a chance of rainfall. monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday, a mix of sun and clouds with seasonal temperatures expected. this weekend we do have an event going on. it is the champions tour golf in harding park, san francisco. cool temperatures and chance of rainfall sunday, temperatures in the lower 60s. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. your weather. >> thank you. we do have some encouraging news on the jobs report as we have been hearing, in fact the best jobs report in five months. still not enough though to lower the national unemployment rate. >> here now with more on that is jason brooks with kcbs and >> good morning. it was encouraging to see more jobs added to the economy in october than was expected. 151,000 when subtracting 8,000 government jobs that were cut but it was the best month for private employer hiring in about five months. private employers have now
6:50 am
added jobs for 10 straight months but to give you an idea of how much we need, we would have to see that number increase to 250,000 per month to actually decrease the unemployment rate from 9.6%. so a good number, but we need to see that on a consistent basis for several months. so the job market is still tight. stock market not reacting as you would expect. it is a better-than-expected report but after a big rally yesterday, the market seems to be taking a breather. right now the dow is lower by 11 points. nasdaq down by 3. s&p up by 1. but the s&p and the dow hit two- year highs yesterday. >> thank you. jason brooks with kcbs and it is 6:50. it's been a busy week in the bay area from the world series to the elections. >> lots going on. back with us every friday for their interesting takes on the hottest topics, cbs 5 political insider phil matier and former san francisco mayor and
6:51 am
assembly speaker willie brown. gentlemen? good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> first up, having said that, jerry brown returns to sacramento after how many years out of office? >> no. not out of office. how many years out of the governor's office. >> he has been gone since 1928. >> so we have a repeat up there. he went up to meet with legislative leaders. you have already been talking to him. what's he facing? > an insurmountable debt, an unbelievable recalcitrant legislature a whole group of people of who want to do nothing except get re-elected. that's all he is facing. >> so business as usual. >> not exactly business as usual because he is a new sheriff in town. he really is. >> can he fix it? >> well, not alone. he is going to have to have lots and lots of help. lots of cooperation. and there's going to be a lot more time spent in sacramento than he has ever dreamed about. >> cooperation? i think that word hasn't been around for a long time up in sacramento. how does he get that? >> he is just going to have to
6:52 am
work at it. the people who elected him, the men and women, ultimately would live to get off the snyder. they are at 10% acceptance. they know that jerry is riding high so for the first 90 to 120 days jerry has to move, move, move, carrying them with him. >> what's the difference between now and his last time, the biges difference. >> i was serving with him in the old days and so were a collection of other great democrats, like jack knox, bill bagley. >> they are not there anymore. >> none of them, term limits removed all of those people. there were people of his generation there. as a matter of fact, there were people of his century there. [ laughter ] >> none such persons now serve in the legislature. >> on to the parade, speaking of not being there, i noticed the parade -- do we have -- >> there was an empty car there. >> that was the best parade i have seen in years! and you were there. where you were? >> i chose to walk. i started at the ferry building and obviously when all those
6:53 am
people, it's very difficult and i'm glad that they had the good judgment to keep moving my car along because this is not the first time my car has started without me and i caught one my car. i just didn't catch one my car this time but i had a ball because i had lots of people all around me and they thought i made the decision to walk with them. not bad. >> it was the best parade i have ever attended. it was wonderful. >> it was the best reason to have a parade as well. >> absolutely. >> and everybody, everybody, you know, everybody on the streets, all over the bay area, it was a sea of black and orange and i was wearing a red tie. and i got razzed about that red tie all the way up. >> you had on orange shoes, didn't you tell me that? >> yeah. i had my stacey adams that i bought but i wasn't wearing them. i thought it would be too much like a clown. >> we have to go but it was good. gentlemen, thank you for joining us. we'll have much more for you coming up in the next few minutes. traffic and weather in just a minute.
6:54 am
look at you. body rested. stress gone. mind sharp. because unisom gave you deep restful sleep all night. morning early birds. unisom. good night. good morning.
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6:56 am
oscar grant. this morning it is 6:56. by noon today we should know if johannes mehserle will spend time in prison for killing
6:57 am
oscar grant. and this morning, the city of oakland is getting ready for that decision. anne makovec is in downtown oakland with the latest. anne? >> reporter: yes. and businesses are boarding up in preparation for that sentencing. it could be anything from probation to 14 years in prison. you can see here behind me they are boarding up the windows of this foot locker. this store was hit very hard in rioting last summer. that was after mehserle was convicted of involuntary manslaughter for shooting and killing oscar grant on new year's day 2009. several other businesses have already boarded up. they did it yesterday. this foot locker store is not even going to open today. but a lot of the businesses really don't know what to do. in fact, one business owner came out and asked us what he thought -- what we thought that he should do because the police are saying they are not expecting the kind of crowds that we saw this past summer. they are going to be prepared though they say for anything. back to you. >> anne makovec in oakland this
6:58 am
morning. 6:57. amtrak service is stopped between berkeley and richmond. elizabeth has more on what riders should do. elizabeth? >> all service is halted. this was an accident on the capitol corridor line. so all service stopped as of about 15 to 20 minutes ago when this accident happened near the tracks. near the richmond albany border we also just learned that there are major injuries involved with this crash. so likely an investigation is going to have to go on, as well. as you can see from this map, this accident happened really close to the 580 and 80 freeways. traffic not impacted on either freeway so you may see some activity because the tracks run parallel through the area. again, the big story if you ride amtrak, all service has been stopped on the capitol corridor line. elsewhere, at the bay bridge, traffic is not too bad. it's hard to tell from this shot but it's only backed up to the end of of the first overcrossing. so only maybe 10, 15-minute waited to get on the bridge. overall looking good for a friday and 880 through oakland not too bad at all through
6:59 am
here. nice and light into downtown oakland. that's your traffic. here's tracy with your forecast. hey, thanks, elizabeth. forecast today a few more clouds expected and temperatures not as warm. upper 70s highs along the coast. lower 70s around the bay and upper 70s inland. saturday more clouds and cooling down even more. sunday the coolest day of the week -- cooler day of the weekend with rainfall expected. mix of sun and clouds monday, tuesday, wednesday and also for thursday. just in case you didn't know, daylight saving time coming to an end this weekend. set your clocks back one hour at 2 a.m. sunday morning and it is also a really good time to replace the batteries in your smoke detectors. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. >> thank you. got a story idea or comment you would like to share with us? email giving a big shout you to the san francisco fire department and, of course, world series champs san francisco giants. ks


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